Booking and payment procedures

Hjorundfjord. Photo by Sverre Hjornevik, Dest Alesund & Sunnmore


Fjord Travel Norway’s Booking and payment procedures: 

1. Booking confirmation
As some (or all) of the travel items of the selected tour are on request, you will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail within 24 hours (Monday to Friday). Please do not book your flights to Norway before you have received our confirmation!
If you don’t receive a booking confirmation within 2 days (Monday to Friday) we might have problems reaching you by e-mail. In this case please contact our booking department on booking@fjordtravel.no or tel +47 55 13 13 10

2. Deposit & final payments
Deposit payments are required upon booking to secure your reservation. However, the deposit amount will only be reserved, and not processed, until we have sent our booking confirmation to you. If we are not able to confirm the chosen tour/start date, the deposit amount will be released accordingly. In this case we will suggest an alternative start date or an alternative trip (depending on the selected tour).

Please note that the deposit is non-refundable once we have made the reservations.

Along with our booking confirmation you will receive an invoice with payment instructions for the final payments. Final payments can be made by credit card or by bank transfer. You can read more about our general terms & conditions with the cancellation policy.

3. On-line payment problems
Payment problems may occur due to several causes. There might be an amount limit on your card, and/or limitations connected to online payments to avoid internet-fraud.
If you can’t get your payments through, please contact your card issuer/bank to see whether they have to open up for the on-line payments, or make corrections to the amount limit.
Alternatively we can try to make the payments through our office terminal. Please contact us for further instructions, or call us on +47 55 13 13 10 between 09:00 and 15:30, our local time.

4. Travel documents
After the final payments have been made you will receive further directions and information regarding your travel documents. If your trip includes combination tickets we will deliver the travel documents to your first hotel in Norway before your arrival. For other trips you will receive the travel documents as E-tickets by e-mail

5. Travel & cancellation insurance
We strongly advise you to arrange for a travel & cancellation insurance in your home country.
Check our general terms & conditions for further details & cancellation policy

As our office is located in Bergen/Norway, we are always here to assist you during your Norway trip!

Check our general terms & conditions for further details & cancellation policy