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Pictures from Tromso Norway

Pictures from Tromso - Tromso Panorama. Photo by Bard Loken, Nordnorsk Reiseliv

Tromso photo gallery

The Arctic town of Tromso is beautifully located at the Arctic coast of Northern Norway, surrounded by stunning Arctic scenery. This vibrant town with a population of about 70,000 is Europe’s northernmost University town.

Snow in Tromso. Photo by Yngve Olsen Saebbe, Nordnorsk ReiselivDue to its northern latitude, Tromso is lucky to have the Midnight sun during the summer, and the amazing Northern Lights from October through March. The Midnight Sun occurs from May 21 to July 21. Due to to Tromso’s latitude, twilight is long, meaning there is no real darkness between late April and mid-August.

Tromso is in the middle of the Northern Lights zone, and is one of the best places in the world to observe the aurora borealis. Because of the Earth’s rotation, Tromso moves into the aurora zone around 6 pm, and moves out again around midnight.

The mean temperature in Tromso in January is appr. -4º C. Heavy snowfall is a normal feature, even in late spring. The all-time record for snow depth was set on 29 April 1997, with 240 centimetres (94.5 in) of snow on the ground
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Pictures from Tromso – Tromso photo gallery:

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