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Pictures from Tromso

Wooden houses in Tromso Norway. Photo by Shigeru Ohki www.nordnorge.comPictures from Tromso – The Arctic town of Tromso is beautifully located at the Arctic coast of Norway in Northern Norway, surrounded by stunning Arctic scenery.

Snowing in Tromso. Photo by Yngve Olsen Saebbe

Snowing in Tromso

Tromso is Europe’s northernmost University town. Due to its northern latitude, Tromso is lucky to have the Midnight sun during the summer, and the amazing Northern Lights from October through March. The mean temperature in Tromso in January is -4 degrees C. Heavy snowfall is a normal feature, even in late spring
Northern Lights tours to Tromso
Summer trips to Tromso


Pictures from Tromso & the beautiful  Tromso area: