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Pictures from winter in Norway

Pictures winter in Norway: Tromso. Photo by Yngve Olsen Saebbe, Nordnorsk Reiseliv

Snow in Tromso – street view

Pictures from winter in Norway – See our winter photo gallery with scenic mountain train lines, the Arctic coast, Northern Lights, Dog sledding, Reindeer.

Due to the northern latitude, the main parts of Norway enjoy a real winter, with snow and ice throughout the winter months.

The climate along the Norwegian coast is normally milder due to the warm water of Golf Stream, but these parts may also experience real cold periods during the winter. In Bergen the mean temperature in January & February is above zero degrees C.

Bergen view in winter. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Bergen view in winter

The mean temperature in Arctic Tromso is -4º Celcius, while one would expect it to be far colder, considered its northern latitude.

Winter activities are important for the people of Norway, and in Norway’s capital Oslo it is a common feature to see people carrying their skis on the trams or tubes on the way to the amazing trails surrounding the city.

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Pictures from winter in Norway – our photo gallery: 

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