Christmas in Norway

Winter at the Lofoten Isalnds. Photo by Baard Loeken www.nordnorge.com

Christmas in Norway – Read about Norwegian Christmas traditions and typical Norwegian Christmas meals, authentic Christmas Cruises on the Norwegian Hurtigruten ships, White Christmas at a mountain village with Norwegian Christmas traditions and meals…

Christmas in Oslo - skating in the centre. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Christmas in Oslo – skating in the centre

In Norway the main Christmas celebration is on Christmas eve; the evening of December 24. People in Norway normally celebrate Christmas eve with their close family and relatives, gathering for the Christmas dinner meal. Walk around the Christmas tree after dinner is an old tradition in Norway, still alive particularly among families with children.

Christmas presents from close family and close friends are common among the Norwegians; the presents will normally be stored under the Christmas tree and then after dinner and after the walk around the Christmas tree they will be opened.
A visit from Santa Claus (father or family member) on Christmas eve is also quite common among families with children.

Christmas meals in Norway:
The Christmas dinner on Christmas eve is the main Christmas meal, usually served between 5 and 8pm. The meal traditions vary according to the geography of Norway, although the traditions are spreading throughout the country.
In the eastern parts of Norway and mid Norway they normally eat crisp ribs of pork (called Ribbe in Norwegian) as the main course, while the western parts of Norway prefer dried ribs of mutton (called Pinnekjott), with potatoes and mashed kohlrabi (German turnip). In the northern parts of Norway they eat Pinnekjott as well, while some stick to the old tradition with Arctic cod.

Christmas holidays in Norway:
December 25 & 26 are public holidays. The shops are closed, but some restaurants stay open.

Northern Lights Trondheim fjord. Photo by Oyvind Schei

Northern Lights over Trondheim fjord

Christmas cruises – Norwegian coast:
You can experience an authentic Christmas holiday on board a Norwegian Hurtigruten ship, with traditional Christmas meals and Norwegian Christmas traditions, the Arctic coast, hunting the Northern Lights.

Choose between 8 nights and 12 nights packages, starting in picturesque Bergen or in Oslo, with a scenic train ride across snow covered mountains to the historic town of Trondheim, where you board the ship.


Our Christmas Cruises:
Norwegian Christmas cruise, 12 nights. Bergen-Kirkenes-Bergen
Christmas cruise package, 8 nights. Bergen-Tromso-Oslo
Northern Lights Christmas cruise, 8 nights. Oslo-Trondheim-Kirkenes-Oslo


Horse sleigh at Geilo, dr Holm's hotel. Photo credit Dr Holm's hotel

Horse sleigh at Geilo

Christmas Holiday at Geilo mountain village - 7 nights:
The trips starts with an overnight stay in Oslo, then by the scenic Bergen rail line to the snow covered mountain village of Geilo for a 3 nights stay, with Christmas meals, Horse sleigh ride and walk around the Christmas tree.

After the stay at Geilo you continue to picturesque Bergen by rail. Spend 2 nights in Bergen, then you return to Oslo via an amazing Fjord cruise on the UNESCO Naeroyfjord & the Flam Railway.
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