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001090_Gaute Bruvik_www.nordnorge.com_KarlsoeyNORTHERN LIGHTS TOURS & CRUISES

Tromso Winter adventure, 3 nights
Ice Hotel Northern Lights Break, 4 nights
Northern Lights Safari, 5 nights
Ice Hotel Northern Lights & Tromso, 6 nights
Northern Lights Cruise Trip, 6 nights
Northern Lights Cruise & Snow Hotel, 6 nights
Northern Lights Adventure Cruise, 7 nights
Northern Lights Safari & Fjord Tour, 7 nights
Winter Cruise & Northern Lights, 7 nights

Arctic light


Christmas Holiday in Norway, 7 nights
Christmas Cruise package, 8 nights
Northern Lights Christmas Cruise package, 8 nights
Norwegian Christmas Cruise, 12 nights

The Naeroyfjord

FJORD CRUISE TRAVEL PACKAGES, with day fjord cruises

Bergen & the Sognefjord, 3 nights
Oslo, Bergen, Sognefjord & Flam Railway, 4 nights
Geirangerfjord & the Golden Route, 5 nights
Norway in a Nutshell, 5 nights (3 nights option available)
Sognefjord cruise & Balestrand village, 6 nights (4 nights option available)
Sognefjord & Balestrand village exclusive, 6 nights
Bergen, Sognefjord, Geilo & Oslo, 6 nights
A taste of Sognefjord & Hardangerfjord, 7 nights
Tromso, Midnight Sun & Fjords, 7 nights
The Grand Tour of the Fjords, 10 nights

~no: Cruisebåter i Tromsø ~en: Cruise ships in Tromsø

FJORD CRUISE PACKAGES, with overnight cruises

Geirangerfjord Highlights, 5 nights with 1 night on board
Geirangerfjord & Norway in a Nutshell, 6 nights with 1 night on board
Norwegian Fjords & Mountain Highlights, 7 nights with 2 nights on board
Norwegian Fjords & Western Coast, 7 nights with 1 night onboard
Arctic Fjords & Coastal Highlights, 7 nights with 4 nights on board
Cruise Arctic Coast & North Cape, 7 nights with 4 nights on board
Lofoten Islands, Helgeland & Sognefjord, 12 nights with 3 nights on board (8 nights option)

003533_Baard Loeken_www.nordnorge.com_HadselNORWAY CRUISE PACKAGES

Bergen-Kirkenes-Oslo cruise package, 10 nights with 6 nights on board
Oslo-Kirkenes-Bergen cruise package, 8 nights with 5 nights on board
Norwegian coast Bergen-Bergen classic Hurtigruten cruise, 11 nights
Hurtigruten Bergen-Kirkenes cruise, 6 nights
Hurtigruten Kirkenes-Bergen cruise, 5 nights

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